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Michele Gallo

bamboo and fiberglass fly rods 

made in Italy





"I believe bamboo is a magical material, a gift of nature, perfectly suited to become fly rods, thanks to its long and robust fibers. Their extension all along the cane length is actually the secret of these perfect fishing instruments that will satisfy the fisherman for their elegant and harmonious looks and their throwing performances. But only human craft will make the transformation possible.
Bamboo soaked water, bent to the wind and warmed up under the  sunrays, getting stronger and stronger until the day came for its harvest. 
All this arises a kind of mystical inspiration that you can sense in the final product too, the rodmaker's masterpiece. I'm deeply convinced that today the passage to such an experience is to be regarded as an intimate and personal evolution, which begins when you stop counting the fish and tart savouring the quality of every ingle fishing moment.
Making rods is much more than a hobby to me, it's an integral part of fly-fishing.
To throw with a tool that combines all of nature and art's fascination means to rejoy even more for every day I spend  on a river bank."


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